COVID Virtual XC Trail Trial 18th-25th October

This is a new challenge, it can be completed at anytime but would make a great club (Covid secure) training session when we are permitted to see other humans in a club setting.
The idea is to replicate a XC race, so 3 x 2 mile trail/field/ mud pit laps, basically anywhere but on tarmac. Mixed teams of 10 (handicap for men). Each team member completes all 3 laps…yes the ladies also, and records their elapsed time, all the times are added together to produce a team total. Fastest total time wins.

If you wish, you can complete your 3 laps at different times within the time frame, for example one on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as long as you use the same loop. Or you can complete all 3 laps in one go at your club training session or in your own time.
There is also a Junior team event, where under 12’s complete 1 lap, and 12-16 year old children complete 2 laps. Mixed teams of 10 for the chance to win an Athletics development kit worth £500


  1. Your mixed team must complete the challenge between 18th-25th October
  2. Your team must contain 10 members.
  3. You must all complete 3 x 2 mile loops, you must use the same loop for each of your 2 mile laps
  4. You may complete your loops on different days but they must be on the same loop
  5. You must record your effort in elapsed time.
  6. You must observe social distancing guidance at all times.
  7. Junior teams are made up of children 12 years and younger, 12 + can take part in the adult teams
  8. There will be prizes for the team to complete the challenge in the shortest elapsed team total, spot prizes for the best pictures and a £500 athletics development kit for the winning junior team.
  9. There is a £1 per person fee payable to paypal


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