“The Egg Shed Backyard Ultra” Saturday 5th June onwards

What does it cost.. £65 affiliated, £67 unaffiliated

  • Unlimited Pizza and hot and cold drinks throughout the event for participants.
  • Camping, toilets, first aid cover.
  • Fully waymarked and marshalled route
  • Bespoke Eco memento for all participants
  • Prizes for the last man and woman still running
  • Race start at 9am on the dot, camping/parking available form Friday 4th at 4pm
  • We are awaiting confirmation about a ” Golden ticket” if we get one, the winner will receive a free entry into Bigs backyard Ultra in Tennessee, with financial support to get there.


Lintz Hall Farm, Lintz Lane, Burnopfield, NE16 6AS

Lintz Hall Farm is located just to the south of Burnopfield , 10 miles south west of the city of Newcastle upon Tyne and 17 miles north west of Durham City.

Burnopfield has a population of 3480 and its names arises from the old English meaning “Field by the valley stream” Although local legend says the name originates from an attempted Scottish invasion which was foiled by literally “Burning up the field” to stop the invasion. Farming can be dated back in the area to 1066 where the medieval village of Lintz stood.

“The Egg shed Backyard Ultra” follows the exact same format as the famous “Bigs Backyard Ultra”.

In simple terms that means competitors must complete the 4.1-mile loop on the hour every hour until only 1 runner remains.

The bell will be sounded exactly on the hour and if you have failed to make the starting area before the bell rings, then you will be disqualified from the event and will become one of the many DNF’s!

There will be only 1 athlete who does not receive a DNF and they will be crowned the champ!

All competitors will receive an event memento , unlimited Pizza, hot and cold drinks, and access to sweets etc.

You will be able to set up camp for you and your support crew for the duration of the event. Should you decide to quit between the hours of 9pm and 9am you will need to remain on site so that traffic noise does not upset and neighbouring properties. There will be food and drinks available to purchase for supporters and crew throughout the event.

​You will need to get your pacing right, as go to fast and you are going to be hanging around at the start waiting to go again, but take it too easy and you may find yourself working harder than you need to, to make the time limit.

​The course is not flat and has approx. 550ft of elevation gain on each loop, saying that, it can easily be completed inside the 1-hour time limit. It is a mixture of farmland, single-track trail and woodland dirt tracks.

​​You must wear appropriate clothing for the weather, if the event team feel that you are not appropriately dressed you will not be allowed to continue. If you are tough enough to run all day and into the night, you’re going to need a headtorch and spare batteries.

Please note that the event may be subject to change should Covid restrictions dictate. We are hopeful that by June things may be almost back to normal and the event can go ahead following the format above, if not we will do our best to get an event on which still captures the Backyard Ultra theme. Should we find ourselves in the middle of another lockdown, you can have a refund.



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