Virtual Lockdown Countdown 7th-29th November.

Sadly lock down is upon us again, this time hopefully only for 4 weeks and real racing again looks doubtful but why not join us in the Virtual Lockdown Countdown where each weekend in November your team can complete a run of the required time. Like the points win prizes, try and accumulate as many points within the permitted time period. You can only complete your runs over the weekends so 6am Saturday to 6 pm Sunday, the weekly totals will be totted up to produce a winning team. Ideally captains should submit the weekly totals so that we can have a weekly leader board.

How it will work.

The month long event will cost £40 per team, just £1 per person per week!
Teams of 10- don’t need to be mixed as we will operate the handicap system as before.
You do not need to use the same team members each week- just 10 humans! We are only interested in the team name.
Each team member completes a run of the required duration or part thereof (you don’t need to run for the whole time as this is the max)
Your team captain should submit teams, payments and results (or appoint someone else to do it)
Record your run on Strava, Garmin etc and provide the details to your team captain.
In week 1 you have 90 minutes to accrue as many points as possible, week 2, 60 minutes, week 3, 45 minutes and week 4, 30 minutes
10 points per 500ft of ascent e.g. 1000ft of ascent 2 x 10=20 points
10 points per mile. E.g 10 miles = 100 points
12 points awarded per 500ft of ascent or for each mile for runs done in the hours of darkness.
Each week we will add an extra way of gaining bonus points….this coming weekend you can claim 10 bonus points available for runs done including a selfie on a street with “Hill, Bank, Climb” etc in the name.

We have some fab prizes for winning teams, outstanding individual performers and best selfies.
Please submit your team names and payments by 7pm on Friday 6th November.


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