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We are an environmentally friendly trail running event company based in the North East of England. We are bringing some of the best racing formats from other adventure sports to the running community, and in some of the most beautiful and dramatic places in the UK, ranging from 10k head torch races in local woodland all the way up to ultra-marathon distance events on the fells and mountains of the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

Our company has been founded by people who are genuinely passionate about trail running and having a positive impact on the environment, which is why we have been working hard to create events in areas managed by organisations who share our ethos.

We have adopted a minimalist approach to race memorabilia, by that we mean our focus is on your experience at our events rather than the usual plastic t-shirt, medal or water bottle etc.

We guarantee you’re going to have a great race with us, you’re always going to get an event mug so that you can be reminded of your achievements whilst enjoying your morning brew, free downloadable photos and wildflower seeds to help our pollinators.

Our events are about reminding participants why they started running on trails and why they continue to love the sport of trail running today. For us it’s about the sense of adventure, the feeling that we are going to places and seeing views and landscapes that most others don’t! To us, the best souvenir is reliving the memories of deserted mountain tops or beautiful secluded woodland trails, or reminiscing about the times when you’ve enjoyed a smile to yourself while getting battered by the weather on an isolated moorland track.

At Greener Miles Running we feel that the experience and the memories are what’s important and while the race bling is sometimes nice to have, it’s also not necessary and in many cases bad news for the environment.

Greener Miles Running has signed up to the North Pennines Responsible Tourism Charter, which means that we commit to ensure that our events consider the environment, local economies, wildlife, landowners and farming etc. To find out more about the North Pennines Responsible Tourism Charter and the North Pennines AONB click on this link.


Our Mission Statement

To bring innovative and challenging running race formats to areas of outstanding beauty, whilst doing our bit to accelerate the running community’s transition towards sustainability.

Our Company Core Values

  • We will provide the most eco-friendly event possible.
  • We will focus our events on the experience and memories as opposed to the event giveaways.
  • We will offer value for money and an exceptional customer experience.
  • We will deliver events of an innovative format and/or in areas of outstanding beauty and areas previously unexplored by running events.

Guiding Principles

  • We aim to be as environmentally friendly as we can at all our events by minimising waste produced, by encouraging car sharing or the use of public transport, by only providing multi use functional race memorabilia and choosing not to provide plastic race t-shirts or medals, by providing all communications, race documents and certificates via email and by recycling everything that we can.
  • We are committed to educating participants about the environmental implications of unnecessary race giveaways.
  • We provide greater value for money by adopting the “less is more” approach to race handouts.
  • We are committed to providing quality innovative events, services and experiences and we continually strive to improve our business and customer offer.
  • We respect the special landscapes and nature of the areas in which we hold our events and carry out our activities in ways that protect and improve the environment of the area.
  • Where possible we buy goods and services from local and sustainable sources. We recognise that using local products can increase the distinctiveness of our business and will have a positive environmental and economic impact.
  • We meet, and will continue to meet, all current legislative and regulatory requirements, guidance and best practice relating to our business, activities and sector.
  • We will do all we can to enhance the reputation of the areas in which we hold our events.

Our Environmental Initiatives

As inspired by Re-run clothing we have decided that we will not be providing t-shirts at any of our events.

Every year it is estimated that 300,000 tonnes of used clothing, which includes technical event t-shirts, goes to landfill in the UK. In the average UK household nearly a third of clothes haven’t been worn in the last year. That’s over £1000 per household, £30 billion of unused clothes in the UK.

Currently over 5% of the UKs total annual carbon and water footprints result from clothing consumption. Extending the average life of clothes by 3 months would result in a 5 to 10 % reduction of their carbon, water and waste footprints, extending the life by 9 months would result in a 20 to 30 % reduction.

All our events will have collection points where you can bring your pre-loved running kit so that we can pass it on to folk that may need it. All clothing donations so far have been taken to the Cedarwood Trust, who share the kit with their users to help them to access sports activities. You can find out more about Re-Run Clothing by visiting their website on this link.

We have also decided that we will no longer provide medals, as, despite there being several more environmentally friendly options available these days, we feel most people just put them in a box or drawer somewhere where they are quickly forgotten about and they are therefore unnecessary. We do appreciate that this ethos won’t be for everyone and we are certainly not understating your achievements. We acknowledge that some race participants would like their incredible achievements recognised in some way and that’s why we have decided to have event logos designed which you can download and have printed on a t-shirt, hat or anything else of your own.

We will also issue every participant a downloadable PDF completion certificate, with the time it took you to complete the event,  which can be printed should you choose and displayed in your home as a reminder of what you’ve achieved.

All non-perishable, unused food items at our events are distributed to foodbanks throughout the North East and all of our events are entirely single use plastic free, this means no plastic cups, and no plastic packaging!


At all of our events we will provide free wildflower seeds for you to take home and plant should you choose to; this is great for the environment as it encourages bees and other pollinators to visit your garden. All of our seeds are supplied by

Why are pollinators under threat?

Did you know bees are having a tough time of late? And worryingly up to 75% of food crops rely on pollination. Three bumblebee species have become extinct in recent decades. The recent European Red List for Bees reports that almost one in ten species of wild bee face extinction, and over the past 50 years, half the bee, butterfly and moth species studied in the 2013 State of Nature Report have declined.

Loss of bees’ habitat is driven by urbanisation, and insect pollinators are also affected by the heavy use of pesticides and herbicides, the effects of climate change, and disease.

Wildflower meadows are prime pollinator habitat, but we’ve lost 97% of them since the 1930s.  You can do something to help by planting some free seeds and helping the pollinators.



 We support several organisations who share our passion for the great outdoors and in doing so we help to maintain the landscape in which we are fortunate to have access to. For further information on who we support please follow the links below.

The Friends of the North Pennines

The Pennine Way National Trail

The Isaac’s Tea Trail

Forestry England

Keep your eyes open over the coming weeks for more exciting information about our coming events. We look forward to you joining us on the trails, mountains and fells in 2020 and beyond.

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